You are in Lavarone, all around you just nature and spectacular mountains!


A perfect location to enjoy a Hatha Yoga class inside the wonderful Malga Millegrobbe Lodge SPA area.


Hatha yoga is a discipline that brings many benefits on a physical level. It increases flexibility in the spine and improves the ability to control and listen to the body in general.


At the same time, the strong attention dedicated to the breath helps giving the body greater oxygen, energy and vitality facilitating a general sense of wellbeing.  

The class will focus on pranayama breathing techniques combined with heating yoga practices to better support the body in the winter season. If weather allows, the class will be done outdoor.


The course is suitable for everyone, aged over 14


Online pre-booking recommended.


Cost: € 10


Registration & Info Point opening times

Centro Fondo Millegrobbe - Lavarone (TN)

Friday 02 March: 03:00pm – 06:00pm

Saturday 03 March: 09:00am – 06:30pm

Sunday 04 March: 07:30am  - 12:00pm


Hotels & Accommodations: www.alpecimbra.it

Alpe Cimbra Tourism Company for Folgaria, Lavarone, Luserna

Via Roma 67 - Folgaria (TN)

Tel +39 0464 724100

e-mail: info@alpecimbra.it

Suitable for : All

What to bring : Comfortable clothes

Location : Millegrobbe - Lavarone (TN)

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